Bodyshop is a leading natural cosmetics brand in L´Oreal Group. The company has a strong retail presence in Baltics but there was still room for e-commerce sales to grow. Especially during the corona pandemic when customers were stuck at home and shopping changed for good.

Together with the Body Shop we have built e-commerce sales funnels on social media both to educate, build awareness and generate sales with maximum ROAS. We have managed to bring down the cost of purchase through effective ad campaigns and minimize media spending.


According to words of Ieva Gailuma, Director Baltic Markets, The Body Shop: 

‘Although we already have a very good loyal customer database there are still a lot of potential customers who have either forgotten about us or have never online shopped with us before. The Body Shop as a brand has changed quite a lot during past years and we felt that customers do not know about this change. So, the very targeted social media ads allow us to reach those customer groups, remind them about our brand and its values. Since we have started the cooperation with NOH we can see that e-commerce sales have grown and are making a bigger part of total sales. 


2020 December – 2022 July


The Body Shop