Mõngel is a famous food for small children since the beginning of the Estonian republic, but the sales had been declining year after year as the design of the product wasn’t any more competitive on the store shelves. So Mõngel was rebranded and we needed to communicate this through social media and other digital channels to raise awareness.

Together with animation partners, we prepared a small funny clip we shared on social channels with a call to action to play our small game and win prizes. The game was connected to our Facebook analytics so we only paid for media if we got a play.

Project team: Birgit Karus, Elina-Emiilia Leht, Ea Rist

Partners: AdAct, Megapixel Studios


The average time spent playing the game was 1.5 minutes, so the game was so engaging, that many people played it more than once. The game was played by almost 50 000 people in a narrow audience of parents of small children, which covers most of Estonia’s market share.

Why was this type of game integration with social media good? When people spend time playing a branded game approximately 10x longer than watching a banner, then the information really gets delivered to the customer’s consciousness.



2021 August – 2021 September