We partnered with Duolog to develop and oversee targeted search advertising campaigns aimed at the Finnish market. Our objective was twofold: to assist Duolog in attracting a larger pool of new drivers and warehouse workers, while also identifying potential clients seeking their exceptional manpower outsourcing services. With our team at the helm, we assumed responsibility for managing their existing account, meticulously optimizing the campaigns to achieve peak performance in terms of traffic conversions and overall effectiveness.

One of the key aspects of our strategy was the implementation of conversion actions through Tag Manager. By setting up conversion tracking for various actions such as form submissions, contact form completions, and tracking the visitor journey on the job listings page, we gained valuable insights into campaign performance and user behavior.

In summary, by optimizing the campaigns and tracking user behavior, we successfully increased lead generation and enhanced the visibility of Duolog’s consulting services in the Finnish market.




Duolog | A leading service provider in Finland in the field of manpower in logistics.