We worked in collaboration with Ideaal Kosmeetika to create and implement a comprehensive Google Ads strategy. Our team conducted the complete setup and management of the account, providing monthly management of search advertising for different product categories.

In addition, we actively contributed to display campaigns targeting both the Estonian and Russian-speaking audience, featuring two exciting themes: the “50 Shades of Lipsticks” campaign and the “Back to School” campaign. We also supported the client with Performance Max campaigns, which yielded significant results.

Through our continuous work and optimization efforts, Ideaal Kosmeetika achieved remarkable growth in online purchases in annual comparison. With the help of our advertisements activities in Google, we achieved approximately 30% higher purchase growth in the perfume category and an astounding 300% increase in purchase growth in the hair care products category. These results have surpassed the client’s initial goals.

In summary, we have developed an effective digital marketing strategy for  Ideaal Kosmeetika, helping them reach a broader target audience, significantly increasing sales, and enhancing brand awareness.




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