Our primary focus was to create a comprehensive Google Ads strategy that covered various legal topics, with a specific emphasis on public procurement.

Through extensive research and collaboration with law firm Glimstedt Estonia, we developed a content strategy that addressed key legal issues and provided valuable insights to potential clients. We crafted informative articles, blog posts, and resources that positioned Glimstedt as a leading authority in the field of public procurement law.

In addition to content creation, we launched targeted advertising campaigns in Google Ads to promote Glimstedt’s expertise in the area of public procurement. By strategically optimizing the campaigns, we achieved impressive results. Comparing the current performance with the previous year, we observed a remarkable 50% increase in the visibility, effectively reaching a broader audience. Furthermore, there was a notable 35% increase in clicks, indicating the successful engagement of potential clients with Glimstedt’s services.

The combination of comprehensive content development and targeted advertising enabled Glimstedt to establish a strong online presence, positioning them as a go-to legal resource for clients seeking guidance on various legal matters.




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