Our primary focus was to create a strong digital marketing foundation by utilizing Google Ads and conversion tracking through Google Tag Manager. We created conversion actions to track key user interactions on the website, such as appointment bookings and clicks on phone numbers and email addresses. This enabled us to gain valuable insights into user behavior and the effectiveness of the campaigns.

Once the foundation was established, we created targeted ad campaigns that effectively showcased the orthodontic and oral hygiene services provided by Vunder Ortho Tallinn, along with the expertise of their star orthodontics specialist from Switzerland. Recognizing the unique offerings of the clinic, we tailored separate campaigns for different services to ensure maximum precision in reaching the intended audience.

Within just two months of launching the campaigns, we achieved impressive results. The ads gained 10,000 impressions for just 245€! 

The combination of Google Ads, Google Analytics 4, and Google Tag Manager enabled us to build a robust digital marketing framework for Vunder Ortho Tallinn. By effectively targeting their desired audience and tracking conversions, we helped the clinic establish a strong online presence.




Vunder Ortho Tallinn | A prestigious orthodontics clinic in Tallinn, led by a renowned star dentist from Switzerland.