Export Marketing Services

At NOH Production, we specialize in helping businesses expand their reach globally. With extensive international experience, we craft tailored market entry and testing strategies to suit every budget, ensuring our clients understand what can be done and the wisest next steps. Our team helps you to develop strategies to penetrate international markets cost-effectively.

Why Choose Us?

  • Expertise in Key Markets: Deep knowledge of the Baltics (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania), Finland, Germany, the US, and Dubai.
  • Custom Strategies: Personalized solutions tailored to your specific needs and market dynamics.
  • Proven Success: Years of international experience helping clients discover new opportunities.

Our services

Gain insights into target markets, competitor landscape, and potential customer bases.

We outline strategic export plans with budgets, making it easier for you to decide on the next steps.

Tailored testing strategies to gauge market potential before full-scale entry. 

Adapting marketing materials to resonate with local audiences, ensuring cultural relevance and engagement. We have in-depth experience with Arabic markets, Germany, Finland, and the Baltic markets.

Expertise in designing effective sales funnels for different markets, ensuring maximum conversion rates.

Maximizing your impact at international trade shows with creative presentation materials and digital marketing support that make you stand out.

Ready to take your marketing to the next level?

Client success stories

Riina Laanetu

Designer Riina Laanetu is an Estonian fashion designer, who won the prestigious global fashion award “Winner of Best Foreigner Collection” at Milano Fashion. As a result, she was invited to present her collection at the World Fashion Festival Awards Dubai. As it was an excellent opportunity to discover and test a new market, we helped the brand get broader visibility of the event and establish initial engagement with potential customers in the UAE region.


Icourt wanted to boost online sales and increase brand awareness locally, as well as in Lithuania and Belgium. What’s interesting about this case is that our client had tried to make Meta ads work for almost a year before reaching out to us. Why is this so remarkable? Those previous ads generated exactly ZERO sales! Since March 2023, we’ve been running various ad campaigns on Meta to hit these targets and have helped grow sales by 223%!


An Estonian playhouse manufacturer aiming to boost sales and increase lead generation in the competitive markets of the USA and Canada. Over the years, various advertising campaigns were implemented on platforms like Google and Meta, including Black Friday, Spring Sale, Winter Sale etc.

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