A detailed guide to email marketing in 2023

A detailed guide to email marketing in 2023

After METAs decline and TIKTOKs rise there has been no big news in marketing. Except the one we barely noticed – the rise of good old channels. Like email marketing.

After the rise of Facebook and other social channels, many marketers left the good old marketing tools beyond. Who writes newsletters in 2020? Companies headed out to social media advertising for better ROI. 

However the restricting cookie policies and GDPR are making the tracking harder. Now as Facebook´s results have started to melt, many companies have headed back to good old email marketing. And its new features to generate sales.

Why does it matter (again)?

Well, you have a bunch of people who actually are interested in what you do. Talk to them! Statistics show that the number of email users is anticipated to continue growing.

Also – you have no restrictions regarding subjects, topics & design – liqueurs, plastic surgery or lingerie might be highly regulated to advertise in META, but sending an e-mail is more than ok. Remember, that your goal was making business, not being a writer, so automatization of e-mails is crucial.

What to do in 2023?

  1. Think of the leads!

Where, when and how are you collecting them? How do you plan to segment your leads? Do you have enough data points on your leads but not more than necessary? Bear in mind that every “fill in” gap on your register sheet generates more drop-offs. Ask for more data only when you have done the basics (see 5. deep dive).

Be sure to use Facebook lead generation campaigns, collect the data from seminar participants, visitors and buyers, and have the option to subscribe to a newsletter on your website. Or take their consent to guide them in an automated loyalty program.

2. Put down your strategy!

Are you running an online store, selling corporate gifts or online courses? Is your customer base demographics based or constantly changing? Every company’s approach to e-mails is different.

To start your  journey we suggest following roadmap:

  • Start with the goals you want to achieve. For example:
    • Do you want to generate more leads or sales? 
    • Do you want to increase brand awareness or educate your customer? 
    • Do you want to increase the number of subscribers or improve the conversion rate?
  • Think of how you can measure your campaigns to evaluate the success of your emails.
  • Find out the best way to build sales funnels and what touchpoints with the customer can trigger automated emails. 
  • Think of the customers you have – what kind of information you have about them and what is the best way to approach them. 
  • Start planning your content: design, appealing subject lines and messages.

3. Find the right platform!

We advise our customers in finding the best platform for their strategy. We also systemize the existing contacts, generate newsletter templates and and help with automatization.

4. Map the customer journey and automatize

Email marketing is not a random flow of offers. You are not able to write to your customers every day, so you need to think of email automation. This starts from mapping the customer journey. 

Mapping the customer journey helps instantly to react and send out automated emails without any extra effort. These trigger points can include following:

  • the first time customer subscribes to the list (a series of welcome emails)
  •  whenever customer downloads material from your website (a series of emails with extra information and support)
  • when customer adds something to the cart without actually buying (a reminder of items left in the cart),
  • completing a purchase (ask for a review or suggestions based on the purchases).

These are some examples that can keep your customer on track and lead them to the actual conversion (or repetitive conversion).

5. Design

Your emails should represent your brand in the best possible way. Therefore the design the email templates is something to spend time on. Remember that not all the platforms offer design and font options that support your brand.

6. Deep-dive!

The more you know about your customers, the better the results. Questionnaire emails asking for first name, birthdate, hobbies etc help to make more personalised emails.

Last but not least. One automation funnel or trigger doesn’t work for all companies. 

Test and understand what works for you.

If you feel that you are not getting the expected results from your email marketing, ask from us an audit and we see what and how you can/should do.

Case study. Health Clinic email marketing. From 0 to 40% open rate.

Important takeaways:

  • Aesthetic plastic surgery is a regulated area  and it makes advertising (Meta) harder. Email marketing gives an opportunity to be visible and educate.
  • The content strategy of the emails never included offers and was based on customer experience and educational topics. 
  • The email  leads were generated trough social media, website and at the clinic. 

Mervi Pirhonen is partner and strategist at NOH Production. She has been hands on marketer and team leader for last 20 years.

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