Augmented reality “AR” campaigns for social media

Augmented reality “AR” campaigns for social media

Facebook has a relatively new tool that lets brands create augmented reality filters, known also as AR face filters. These are similar to the filters you’ve probably tried out yourself with Snapchat.

What is an AR Facebook or Instagram campaign?

AR campaign consists of 3 parts:

  • AR face filter, that has been created specially for the brand, that wants to organize a campaign.
  • Facebook ads and influencer collaborations to raise awareness and make people use the filter.
  • Creative of the campaign, that has a measurable goal, that is wanted to be achieved with the face filter.

Why are AR Facebook/Instagram campaigns good for brands?

There are many case studies by Facebook, that prove it brings desired results.

For example, Michael Kors made filters for promoting their new sunglasses. People could try different models before making their purchasing decision. We all know buying glasses online is really hard, right? Michel Kors helped to make this decision for their buyers easier and their sales rate grew 14%! Read the case study from HERE.

Similar try-on models can be used for makeup related companies to drive more sales. We make-up brand has also proven to drive significantly more sales thanks to AR filter campaigns. Read the case study from HERE.

You can actually do whatever with the filter. Even a pinball game like Capitol Records. This helps people to have more fun with your ads and with it also improve engagement rates and effectiveness of the ads. It’s all about gamification and entertainment! You can read about Capitol case study from HERE.

In addition to Facebook’s own case studies, you can check out Taylor Swift, Airbaltic, Warner Music, McDonald’s etc. All big brands are doing it one by one.

PS! You can see the filters from brands’ official Instagram accounts, where there is a tab with a small face+ icon.


AR campaigns are new and interesting things for social media users and it can make your brand stand out easily. As Facebook wants brands to use their new tool, then it is highly favored by Facebook for you to make those campaigns right now. There are proven records of boosting the engagement of brand accounts and there really aren’t any reason you shouldn’t give it a try.

If you want to make an AR campaign for your brand, then contact us! We can arrange it all from designing the filter to the execution of the campaign.

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