Which one is the best social media marketing agency?

Which one is the best social media marketing agency?

There are many agencies, which provide social media marketing services. But how to choose the right one for Your business? There isn’t a universal agency, that is the best for everyone.

Is the biggest award-winning agency right for You?

Every agency consists of people and their skills. There are bigger agencies with great branding and top-level specialists, but usually, they only serve time of those specialists for the clients, who pay the most money. If Your budgets are mediocre or small, then behind the curtain usually a junior specialist or trainee does the work for You. This can lead to an okay result, but usually not great. Been there done that myself. Many times.

Also, big agencies have nice offices and persuasive sales presentations. Think critically if You really need this expensive campaign, because social media is based on technical algorithms, which define what works and what doesn’t on the creative level. It is usually so, that You can have a more budget-friendly, less complicated social media campaign that brings You the same or even better results.

Who should choose freelancers?

Choose a boutique agency or a freelancer depending on the level of marketing You need. As mentioned before, then You’ll pay for the skills.

Usually, freelancers are the cheapest option, but as it is a one-man team, then they lack either creative or technical side. It is okay if You just need something basic.

Keep in mind, that they should be treated as employees as they don’t have resources to do the project management on their side.

Just there in the middle – boutique agencies

No matter if Your company is small or big, but if You have for social media 500 € to 3500 € budget per month or campaign, then boutique agencies would be the best choice for You.

A boutique agency is usually a team of marketing people, who have previous experience in working with big companies or who want to have more creative freedom for their projects. This kind of agencies cover the top expertise in different areas and thanks to a small agile team.

Choose a boutique agency like NOH Production if You have a marketing budget between 500 € to 3500 € and You expect in-depth social media marketing expertise and want to have social media campaigns that drive good results.

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