What should you expect from a marketing partner?

What should you expect from a marketing partner?

Let’s break down our view on the collaboration between brands and agencies and why it’s essential for an in-house marketing manager to have supportive outsourced assistance.

While marketing agencies often label themselves as creative or media agencies, our approach is a bit different. We believe most of our clients need more than just a fantastic campaign or cost-effective media placement. They need a strategic collaborator to think about reaching a broader audience, boosting sales, and ensuring consistent monthly revenue.

To start with a brief or a problem statement?

Client concerns usually become clear during meetings where one topic leads to another, often uncovering a broader problem than initially conveyed in emails or briefs. Issues are often tied to sales, lack of traction in foreign markets, or modest e-commerce results. Unlike the past approach of a quick fix with a „catchy campaign,“ we take a more nuanced approach.

AUDIT revealing issues and a concrete action plan

Several of our consultants have experience as in-house marketing managers, giving them insight into the common challenge of accurately assessing current activities. Understanding what’s working well, what needs refinement, and where financial leaks occur is crucial to comprehending current issues and seizing transformational opportunities.

Our best-selling product is a marketing audit! Despite its name suggesting a lengthy monologue, it’s actually an analysis compiled by 5-6 marketing experts across various domains. It unveils the current standing of the company in terms of marketing and proposes sequential steps to achieve desired objectives. Profound comprehension of past successes and pitfalls enables us to devise a strategic plan for forthcoming actions.

Why is it crucial to audit and scrutinize past activities?

What works well for one company may not produce the same results for another. Throughout the audit, we evaluate key marketing channels customized to fit the unique characteristics of the company, including:

– Website and e-commerce functionalities, UX, UI

– Messaging and target demographics

– Social media channels – content, technical facets, and advertisements (Meta, LinkedIn, TikTok)

– Google Analytics metrics and insights elucidating numerical data

– Google Ads

The audit comes with a comprehensive list of recommendations, suggesting additional channels aligned with the company’s profile. At the same time, we provide an assessment of existing activities, identifying those that are ineffective or in need of improvement.

Clients have the opportunity to delve into specific topics with the relevant specialist, as we integrate the entire team directly into client communication, bypassing intermediary project managers. The effectiveness of a strategic partnership relies on the collaborative synergy between both parties.

Elevating marketing to unprecedented heights

Testing, learning, and optimizing – a continuous process. We have worked with some clients already for over 3 consecutive years.

Our comprehensive monthly service package includes:

– Content management for Meta, LinkedIn, TikTok

– Advertising on Meta, LinkedIn, Google

– Crafting creative solutions and media plans for campaigns to realize sales outcomes

– Configuring and monitoring social media and Google conversions

We offer audits and support for marketing endeavors in both the B2C and B2B spheres, catering both – startups and international enterprises. If you seek a similar solution, reach out to us!

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