Three paid ads success stories

Three paid ads success stories

We work with our paid ads clients ongoing basis every month. This way we learn a lot what works for concrete case and what isn’t working. Combining this knowledge with strong technical skills, we have managed to bring our clients outstanding results over the years.

Case study 1:

What can we achieve with Google ads on a limited budget within 7 months? Boosting Sales and Lead Generation for Playhouse Manufacturer in the USA and Canada

Client Overview:

The client, a Estonian manufacturer of playhouses, sought to enhance its sales and increase lead generation through effective online marketing strategies in the competitive markets of the USA and Canada. Over the past year, they engaged in various Google advertising campaigns, including Black Friday, Spring Sale, Winter Sale, as well as utilizing Google’s Performance Max campaigns.


  1. Increase sales volume.
  2. Boost lead generation to acquire more potential customers.
  3. Optimize advertising expenditure while maximizing returns.
  4. Enhance click-through rate (CTR) and reduce average cost per click (CPC).
  5. Expand website traffic.


The implemented strategy focused on leveraging Google advertising platforms, particularly Performance Max campaigns, to target relevant audiences effectively. The approach also involved optimizing campaign timing to coincide with peak sales periods, such as Black Friday and seasonal sales events. Key elements of the strategy included:

  1. Performance Max Campaigns: Utilizing Google’s Performance Max campaigns to optimize ad placements across various networks and channels, ensuring maximum visibility and engagement.
  2. Targeted Seasonal Campaigns: Tailoring advertising efforts to align with specific sales events, such as Black Friday, Spring Sale, and Winter Sale, to capitalize on heightened consumer interest and purchasing intent.
  3. Audience Segmentation: Implementing advanced audience segmentation techniques to target specific demographics and interests, thereby enhancing ad relevance and effectiveness.
  4. Ad Copy Optimization: Crafting compelling ad copy and creatives to capture audience attention and drive clicks, leveraging A/B testing to identify high-performing ad variations.
  5. Continuous Optimization: Continuously monitoring campaign performance metrics and adjusting strategies accordingly to maximize results and minimize wastage.


Over the one-year period, the implemented strategies yielded significant improvements across key performance indicators:

  1. Cost Per Acquisition (CPA): Decreased by 43.95%, indicating more efficient use of advertising spend to acquire customers.
  2. Sales Growth: Increased by 25%, demonstrating the effectiveness of the campaigns in driving purchase conversions.
  3. Lead Generation: Witnessed a remarkable surge of 1500%, indicating a substantial increase in customer inquiries and potential prospects.
  4. Advertising Expenditure: Reduced by 3%, despite achieving substantial growth in sales and lead generation, showcasing improved cost-effectiveness.
  5. Click-Through Rate (CTR): Improved by 63.6%, reflecting higher engagement levels and enhanced ad performance.
  6. Average Cost Per Click (CPC): Decreased by 42.65%, indicating optimized bidding strategies and improved ad relevance.
  7. Website Traffic: Experienced a significant surge of 170.73%, indicating increased brand visibility and consumer interest.


Through strategic utilization of Google advertising platforms and targeted campaign optimization, the client successfully achieved notable improvements in sales performance, lead generation, and advertising efficiency over the one-year period. The implemented strategies not only enhanced customer acquisition but also facilitated cost savings and improved overall brand visibility in the competitive markets of the USA and Canada. Moving forward, continued optimization and innovation will be crucial to sustaining and further augmenting these positive outcomes.

Case study 2:

The development of an e-commerce client after being with us for 1 year as our Google Ads client.

A case study in the beauty sector in the Estonian market.

  • Sales increased by 36.33%
  • CPA decreased by 8.2%
  • Advertising costs decreased by 5.2%
  • CTR improved by 23.17%
  • Average click cost decreased by 5.42%
  • Traffic increased by 18.29%

Case study 3:

What can be achieved with continuous 2 years of work in META?

The performance development of META advertisements over 2 years of collaboration with a company that operates in the entertainment sector.

  • Sales increased by 381.24%
  • CPA decreased by 65.48% (this is purchase CPA)
  • Advertising costs increased by 66.14%
  • CTR decreased by 19.26%
  • Average click cost increased by 26.14%
  • Traffic increased by 125.72%

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