Paid Advertising

Our team has years of experience in Meta, Linkedin and Google paid ads. We can also provide ads in the new and trending platform TikTok. Social media advertising is time-consuming and changing very fast. An in-house marketing person, who is responsible for 10 different areas in the company hasn’t got the time to concentrate on different matters or have enough skills, so it is usually wise to outsource this part. Especially, as this brings in most cases 25-50% of total company’s turnover. 


Many new clients have come to us saying, that they have tried social media paid ads and it doesn’t work. Usually they are wrong as they have tried it with a partner before or themselves who is not specialized in this field and cannot build the funnel and A/B testing which is required for it. 

Some tips for effective paid ads strategy:

  • Use effective visuals and campaign messages. 
  • Target ads to convey as personal a message as possible. 
  • Calculated KPIs and Bid Caps for ads and monitoring outcomes. 
  • Use Conversion ads.
  • Build social media campaigns as an ongoing process that always onboards new people with brand awareness and keeps existing contact base in the offers loop with remarketing.